About lydia

  • lydia ievins

I’ve been building websites since 1995, and freelancing as the infoTamers web consultancy since 1999. I love to solve puzzles and identify patterns, and to tame potentially overwhelming streams of information into websites (or databases or spreadsheets) that feel so neat and elegant you’ll think their underlying orderly structure should have been obvious all along. Of my four accumulated academic degrees, the Masters degree in Library and Information Science has been far and away the most practical.

Some of the hats I’ve worn:

  • web designer — I helped create the Internet Public Library in 1995
  • librarian — at Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems
  • teacher — of web programming, of English, of Latvian, of nyckelharpa
  • copyeditor and proofreader — for business- and computer-related trade titles

When I’m not behind a computer

I’m active as a dancer and fiddler in several overlapping folk scenes (Scandinavian, English country, contra, Balkan) — and usually have several textile projects underway (quilting, knitting, weaving). In the past several years I’ve become increasingly immersed in Swedish folk music and dance traditions, to the extent that I took a year off to study in Sweden 2012–13, in the epicenter of the nyckelharpa universe. Back in the US now, I’ve been organizing a steady stream of events with my fiddle partner ever since.

What’s a nyckelharpa?

You can learn more about my musical adventures on these sites: