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Rogers Motors

The previous iteration of this webstore had reached the end of its lifecycle, and it turned out that reimplementing it in a new ecommerce platform would be the least labor-intensive choice. We chose to develop in AmeriCommerce (since renamed SparkPay). Our project included some serious overhaul of the information architecture and cleanup of the data, to result in a store that is much easier to navigate.

This store is built in AmeriCommerce (since renamed SparkPay).

Vävstuga Store

It was an exciting step for Vävstuga to move into fully functional online sales, expanding from a compact series of price tables into an extensive catalog of well-described and well-photographed items. The customer’s experience of shopping for yarns received an especial outpouring of loving attention: real photos of dozens of yarns that come in hundreds of colors, inspirational photos of projects one can weave from them, and an original custom-coded Yarn Playground that lets the user collect color swatches and rearrange them on-screen to see how they look next to each other.

This store is built in Miva Merchant.

Tom Kruskal Designs

The primary desideratum for this revamped site was that Tom wanted to be able to maintain it himself, including a way to upload updates to his entire catalog of fine jewelry items. We settled on WordPress as his platform, and found a plugin that would handle politely the delimited data exported from his homegrown database program. He also chose a front-page slideshow presentation, and a store-finder to help his potential customers find their nearest reseller. We worked to his own supplied graphic design elements.

This site was built in WordPress.

lydia & Andrea

This site began in support of the wildly successful Kickstarter project that funded our duo’s sabbatical year in Sweden, and it continues to include that project-description video, list the many generous folks who sponsored our efforts, and host password-protected mp3 files of the digital recordings offered as rewards to our project’s financial backers. It also now includes online ordering of our recordings via PayPal and a calendar of upcoming performances, as well details about the popular Träd Weekend intensive workshop we have developed for Scandi-interested instrumental musicians.


Single-page site for a new CD release. I also did the CD package design for this project. The site contains sample audio tracks, album art and photos, and a schedule of upcoming performances. Offers purchase via PayPal or snailmail or digital download. Plus, this is especially exciting because it’s my own first CD.

Chef Edgar

A large portion of this project entailed coaching the client to discover how he wanted to present his new business. The resulting site features a database-driven view of upcoming classes, a sparkling clean design with attractive imagery and compelling testimonials, and colorful food icons to set off the navigation menu for a whimsical touch.

This site was built in Drupal.

Guiding Star Grange #1

In redesigning this site, we tackled a variety of challenges. For most of its user population, the most important feature of this site is the public events calendar, which we reworked from a sprawling flat page to use google calendar. This new strategy makes it possible for the organizers of individual event series to maintain their own listings. We also conferred with each of the organizations that make up the Grange community, in order to present a more coherent view of each that would clarify their relationship and goals, and achieved consensus despite the sometimes differing interests of the groups. The much-expanded section about the building’s facilities makes life much easier for both potential renters and the folks responsible for renting the hall.

This site is built in Drupal.

Epie’s Repair Service

The client for this redesign came to me with a fairly complete sketch of how the new site should look, and just wanted help implementing the markup and stylesheets. As the design evolved further, we also revitalized the existing logo to match the new style and color scheme, added some glowing testimonials, and sharpened the marketing presentation overall. We’ve since added a slideshow gallery to showcase recent projects, and done another major redesign. …And then created a whole new site in WordPress.


This redesigned site now features extensive photo galleries of the client’s beautiful fused glass pieces, in many categories each of Jewelry and of Home Décor, easily browsable and very crisply presented. The new site makes much more conscious use of space, with clearer navigation and a clean modern feel. We created some back-end scripts to automate the building of the gallery pages, and turned the site over to the client so she could maintain it herself.

Bob Mills

This redesign project was a long overdue modernization of what the client called his “vanity site from the ’90s,” now revamped into a much more extensive small-business presence. We created image-filled galleries to showcase his client lists for concert/dance sound, live recording, studio recording, and editing/mastering. We also updated the web-ification of his renowned how-to publication All Mixed Up — and, just for fun, embedded a google maps representation of his regular concert and dance locations.